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The Edde Brothers

Produce. Direct. Edit. 

We love what we do. Any person in any creative capacity must love what they do. For us, this is not a job; it's art. Fun art. Art where we get to create things that weren't there before, and impact people. Whether its an artist, band, brand or company, we view each and every project as a chance for that art to connect to an audience. We've even co-founded an app, VideoBomb, which provides consumers with another way to interact with digital video content.


We say we're based in Nashville, TN - because that's just where we've set up shop. But the reality is we were born into a 4th generation farming family in California's fertile San Joaquin Valley. Our roots still run deep in those parts, but we travel all over the country creating our work for people and companies big and small. So wherever you are, and whatever you do, we're sure you have a story worth telling.




Brand + Story

Brand + Story